5 Affordable Accessories Every Student Needs

Let’s be real, accessories are some of the most important things in the fashion industry. It gives you the option to take a simple outfit of a t-shirt and jeans and make it more casual with a baseball hat  and sneakers or bring it up to the next level with a statement necklace, stack-able bracelets, and a solid pair of leather boots. Clairee Belcher knew what she was talking about in Steel Magnolias when she said “the only thing that separates us from animals is the ability to accessorize.”

  1. The Blanket Scarf
    • Blanket scarves are absolutely huge right now for more than one reason. These super trendy scarves balance functionality and fashion all while keeping you toasty warm. These are winter essentials as they can add a lot of texture and pattern to a fairly simple outfit if paired with a sweater and leggings. The trick is to twist the scarf a few times before you wrap it to make sure it doesn’t become too bulky and overpower you. Image result for blanket scarf
  2. Dainty Necklaces
    • Small silver or gold necklaces have always been in style as it gives each person an opportunity to show off part of their personality as many have small charms and they can be very sentimental and worn with anything. Using dainty necklaces can balance heavier articles of clothing such as chunky sweaters, blazers, or jackets. They are also perfect for layering with longer chains which are right on trend. Image result for dainty necklace
  3. Statement Necklace
    • Going far from the dainty necklaces I previously mentioned, statement necklaces are there to make a “statement” (haha hence the name). These necklaces are ideal for dressing up and putting your personal spin on any basic outfit. They really enhance a professional outfit where you have a strict dress code but want to make it your own. They come in a wide array of styles, colors, jewels, fabric, textures, so you can definitely find one to fit your personal style.Image result for statementnecklace
  4. Stack-able bracelets
    • This is the most customizable accessory on this list. My favorite way to customize a stack of bracelets is to start with a basic watch then include a solid bangle, with a string of pearls, and add some color with another beaded bracelet. With some looking, you can find bracelets already sold in stacks, or find or own pieces that could mix and match with bracelets you already own.Image result for stack of bracelets
  5. Trendy Sunglasses
    • Sunglasses aren’t just for the summer. I often have a few pairs in my car to help me see on particularly sunny days when driving around town. There are endless styles of sunglasses that range from very cheap to very expensive. If I go to buy a trendy pair of glasses I tend to find some between $10-$20 because I get the trendy look I’m going for rather than spending an arm and a leg for a pair that will only last me one season. I would splurge for more classic styles like Wayfarers or Aviators because I can get more use out of them and they are always in style. Image result for trendy sunglasses

These five accessories are completely customizable to each person’s unique style. They are essential in taking basic clothes and adding a personal element to each person’s outfit.


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