Sisco Berluti: Hometown Collection


A fellow SIPP student, Emily Dukeman, is working on her project with this company to launch this line for Westwood graduates in order to gain an understanding of how to market and design a jewelry line and helped Sisco Berluti launch their newest line.

Sisco Berluti is a local jewelry company in my town that is exploding with popularity due to their high end beaded bracelets that you can buy in either stacks or individually. This business was started by two sisters, Lisa Sisco and Carolyn Berluti. With a passion for jewelry design and needing a creative outlet they began creating their line of bracelets starting with sets of 7 to represent each of their family members. It is no surprise that this company became very successful throughout New England and expanding online being available throughout the country and popular as there are dozens upon dozens of different styles, stacks, and colors of bracelets to fit everyone’s style and wear to match your outfit or mood.

Their latest addition is their Hometown Collection; this range of bracelets are designed for Westwood High School seniors to mark their departure from their beloved school in June of 2017.  These bracelets have white, green, and gold beads along with different charms and styles so the graduate can personalize their stack. Whenever the graduate looks down at these bracelets they’ll be reminded of the wonderful times that they have had in high school and remember them fondly wherever they end up. More important than just being sentimental, some of the proceeds go directly to benefiting Westwood High.


Available March 1st, these bracelets will be the perfect graduation gift for any Westwood High senior and I’m sure that they will love it.

If you’re around Westwood on March 2nd, there is a launch party at Decor and More in Westwood center from 6-8. Be sure to get in on this event for the first access to this new collection from Sisco Berluti.
Check out their other styles of bracelets at



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