4 Spring Fashion Trends You Should Buy Now

Although Punxsutawney Phil claimed there is still 6 more weeks of winter, there is no better time than the present to get started on our spring fashion wardrobe. New York Fashion Week just ended so the fashion industry is buzzing with different trends that will be ready just in time for the change of seasons. Many designs that you see walk down the runway at fashion week aren’t wearable for the everyday person, but within this article I’ll break down the trends so that everyone can rock these spring fashions.


A bright and bold pink was seen in numerous NYFW shows which really contrasted the light and soft rose quartz that was worn throughout 2016 as it was Pantone’s Color of the Year. This bold color represents the strength of femininity and can be quite easy to wear. Pairing the magenta and fuchsia tones with neutrals make it easy to wear to school or work and make a statement while still being dressed appropriately. Also, pairing it with jewel tones (turquoise, ruby, emerald, amethyst) will bring out the pink tones and make you stand out with your use of color blocking.



Blue represents clear skies and renewal so there isn’t a question why this color is always a strong trend throughout the spring time: having it be universally flattering and loved doesn’t hurt either. This trend isn’t specific to one specific shade of blue which gives everyone a chance to pick their favorite shade and wear it in any form that fits with their style. My favorite pair of joggers are a textured blue and wearing it with clean whites really make the shade pop. Wearing blue bottoms such as skirts, shorts, or pants will also help you transition from winter to spring by pairing them with thicker sweater materials for the cold beginning of the season.



Ties and ribbons are found on red carpets and runways making it a new hot trend for the spring and summer months. This seemingly different fashion trend can be very easy to pull off in subtle ways rather than being the stand out trend. Having wrap up shoes whether they be flats, sandals, or heels make use of this trend in a way that is simple but also very fashionable. Also, having a tied up shirt adds texture and edginess to a classic v-neck shirt everyone has in their closet.


No longer are the days where you can’t wear white before Memorial Day. White dresses are the perfect blank canvas for adding color, textures, and patterns through jewelry or accessorizing. They’re also the perfect vehicle to mix and match all of these different trends in one look without being too much if you wear the dress with a pink or blue statement necklace with a tie up sandal. Don’t like strong colors? Use the white dress as a stand alone item and get out of the rut of black dresses that you’ve been wearing all winter long. These white dresses bring the clean slate that comes with the warmer months and flowers that are blooming.


These fashionable trends for Spring 2017 will help you jump start your spring wardrobe and help you make seemingly unwearable fashions perfect for the real world.




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