The Do’s and Don’ts of Prom Season

Prom season is in full force and high school upperclassmen, and some fortunate underclassmen, are filled with stress and excitement as the prom date nears. However this prom season doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow my advice and these Do’s and Don’ts of prom season.

DO get a dress you feel comfortable and confident in                                                                     This is a dress you will likely wear for one day and be standing and dancing in it so make sure you feel comfortable in it because you will be taking pictures and you don’t want to look back and remember how the lining was riding up or how the lace irritated your skin.

DON’T stress if someone else buys the same dress                                                                                 Although there are hundreds of different dresses between many stores it is HIGHLY likely someone at your school will have the same dress. It can be a bummer, but it is unlikely you will take pictures with them or have the dress look the same on both people.

DO look for deals on dresses and shop in friend’s or neighbor’s closets                                   Prom is notoriously expensive between the dress, tickets, transportation, and hair and makeup appointments. Try to cut costs wherever you can and find a gently worn dress someone else wore in order to get the most out of each dress.

DON’T panic if your makeup is too heavy if you get it done                                                                Typically, if you go to a makeup counter to get your makeup done the makeup artists use a heavy hand. Go in with pictures of light, natural makeup if that is the look you want  and be ready to blend some makeup away if they go overboard.

DO go with a group of friends                                                                                                                         This may be the most important tip because if you go with all your friends it is going to ensure you have the most fun. It will make the whole experience more fun if you’re surrounded by your closest friends and dancing it up.

DON’T worry about who you go with                                                                                                            Dates are often the biggest cause of stress as promposals are becoming more and more elaborate and getting a date to prom seems like the epitome of the experience. However, getting a date is fun but it is definitely okay to go alone you’ll hopefully be with all your friends regardless so whether or not you have a date doesn’t really matter.

DO HAVE FUN!                                                                                                                                                     Prom is supposed to be a fun opportunity to dance and have fun with your friends and to see your classmates all dolled up rather than in their everyday school clothes. Don’t get wrapped up in all the drama that prom stirs up and remember to live it up and have a blast on this fun night.


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