3 Interview Outfits $65 or Less

Interviews for colleges, internships, or summer jobs require young people to dress up and get out of their typical comfortable and casual clothes and throw on a blazer, skirt or pants, and some nice shoes. These interviews are also very stressful for most people so why add more stress by not having anything to wear and check out these three outfits which are $65 or less.

Outfit #1


This outfit is perfect for most interviews may that be for internships or for colleges. The classic one button blazer is flattering for everyone’s body type as it cinches in at the waist and black is a color that is universally accepted at all professions to wear. The patterned pants give a sense of personality to the outfit while still remaining modest but modern. The bright blue shirt adds some lively color to the outfit which goes perfectly with the blue pattern of the pants.

Blazer: $16.99, Shirt: $29.99, Pants:$16.99

Total outfit cost: $63.97

Outfit #2


This is a slightly more dressier outfit than the previous because it pairs the perfect black pencil skirt with a button up. This black pencil skirt hits above the knee, but isn’t short enough where it isn’t acceptable for the workplace. The skirt is also a perfect item to mix and match with different shirts, and blazers to match the occasion. The checkered shirt is more youthful than your typical button up. The black and white checkered pattern can also make the outfit a little more casual than a pin stripe or plain white shirt.

Shirt: $24.99, Skirt: $19.99

Total Cost: $44.98

Outfit #3


This outfit is perfect for a Spring or Summer interview because of the light colors and fabrics. This light and breezy top has a high neck line but the vertical stripes and bell sleeves add trends and fashionable additions to the professional outfit. The khaki colored pencil skirt is just like the black one where it is long enough to be appropriate but it also is very fashionable.

Shirt: $19.99 Skirt: $16.99

Total Cost: $36.98

All of these pieces are under $30 and each outfit isn’t over $65 which shows you can find professional attire for an affordable price. Each of these pieces can also be mixed and matched to create many more outfits to wear for interviews or when you land the job. The key for professional attire is to have many pieces that you can mix and match to create fashionable pieces and you don’t get caught wearing the same thing too many times.


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