Westwood Prom Fashion Show: The Trends

Westwood High School runs an annual Prom Fashion Show where the seniors get all dolled up to strut their stuff in front of the school, friends, and parents to raise money for the all night graduation party. To some, this is more important than actual prom. The fashion show also highlights the trends for that prom season. So ladies, if you haven’t gotten your dress yet, here are the prom dress trends of 2017 thanks to Westwood seniors.

Bold Red

Many beautiful ladies donned scarlet dresses at the fashion show which proves that red is back. This color is very trendy because it is very strong and vibrant. In these pictures you can also wear red in different ways. On the left, the dress has red lace which is very elegant and sophisticated. The sweetheart neckline makes it very romantic as well. In the middle, red is the statement as the strapless dress is very streamlined and sleek paired with a oh so trendy red choker. To the right, the red is more glamorous with a jeweled bodice that will sparkle as the night goes on. Red is a very versatile color and is perfect for this prom season.

Sparkly Bodices

Prom is the perfect opportunity for you to shine so why not wear a sparkly dress? Let your personality shine just like the bodice of your dress. These dresses are super easy to wear and looks good on everyone. Having a sparkly top of your dress allows for the skirt of the dress to be more understated and simple having a solid color usually works best with this trend.

Black is Back

Black used to be off limits for prom as it was too harsh and dramatic for a fun spring event, but that is no more. Black prom dresses are the perfect place to put your own spin on it and add some personality. To the right, there is a two piece dress which is totally trendy now, and it also utilizes our last trend, the jeweled bodice. The simplicity of the colors really lets the sparkles shine and tie the dress together with the jeweled belt. The middle dress is more edgy as it has side and back cutouts (not seen in picture) and red underlay. This red is a pop of color that is unexpected and will be the talk of your prom. To the right, we have a more traditional prom dress but this time in black, it uses sparkles but also has a slit to show off your best Angelina Jolie imitation at your prom pictures.


Flowers Aren’t Just for Your Corsage

Flowers are usually a part of your prom experience (i.e. corsage or boutonniere) but they aren’t usually on  your dress. Make a statement this season by wearing a bright floral pattern on your formal gown. These dresses are both very girly but super trendy because the floral print is big but it isn’t too busy. You have to be careful if you’re wearing a floral dress not to get overpowered by the flowers and make sure it is wearable. These ladies did an amazing job by making the dresses the statement and having understated hair and makeup.

Westwood High is an extremely trendy and fashionable school and the prom fashion show proves it. Ranging from edgy black to romantic red to girly floral this prom season will likely have a lot of variety of dresses. Can’t wait to see what Westwood ends up wearing to their actual prom on May 19th.


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