A Choker for Every Style

The 90’s were filled with amazing Nickelodeon shows, flannels, and chokers. But this trend wasn’t left in the 90’s: they are the biggest trend right now being seen from day to day at school to the red carpet. However, with such a wide variety of chokers, it can be hard to sift through them all to find the perfect one for your style.



If you are always checking out the most recent fashion magazines to see what is the new trend this choker is perfect for you. The combo of the two different trends of ties and chokers makes this necklace the perfect addition to your collection. It’s simplicity makes it very easy to wear with different pieces such as the bold shoulder top seen above. It is also versatile as you can untie and tie it in whatever style you’re feeling that day.


Boho Chic

This simple choker totally embodies the boho chic style. The leather band ties together a single pearl which makes it extremely easy to wear day to day while also dressing it up. It is the perfect addition to any outfit that a bohemian girl would pull together. Mixing different textures is the foundation of this type of style so the mix of shiny pearl and strong leather makes it a essential.

pearl choker


This isn’t your mom’s pearl necklace. The classic pearl necklace, which is a staple in every preppy girl’s closet, gets a 2017 makeover with the trend choker. Update your Lilly dress, or classic button down with this choker. It is also perfect to add to any type of dress to add a sophisticated element to it. Styling this pearl choker with a LBD and a pair of heels will make you look like a 2017 Aubrey Hepburn.



This black velvet choker adds edgy vibes to ta simple outfit. The minimalist addition to the outfit is a key part of an edgy girl’s wardrobe. The addition of texture from the velvet softens harsh black line that the choker is. The simple piece is perfect to mix with many other textures as well such as a classic leather jacket, bomber jackets, or a cotton white tee. You’ll be turning heads in this trendy piece.

Chokers work for everyone and every style. Mixing and matching trends and styles also can give you many options with your jewelry pieces. Mixing the all pearl choker with a leather jacket combines girly and tough pieces. Style is all about wearing what you love and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.


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