When is the Right Time to Wear White Jeans?

The biggest dilemma for most people come spring time is deciding when the appropriate time to wear white jeans is. The typical rule of thumb that most women follow is white jeans and shoes from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Although this rule works as white is typically the color of summer, you can definitely bring those jeans out early, it just depends on how you wear them. Transitioning from Winter to Spring can be the hardest transition as it is still cold, and not quite ready for bring colors that spring holds. This article will show you how to style your white jeans for this transition to make the most out of white jean season.



Outfit #1

I paired these skinny white jeans with a classic oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Rolling up the sleeves allows for it to be slightly more breathable and helps with layering in the cold spring mornings. The simplicity of the outfit is it’s main selling point because you can add necklaces or bracelets to show your personality and also layer on sweaters if it’s chilly that day. This simple outfit is perfect for any more casual event like school or a family gathering while still being fashionable and appropriately dressed.


Outfit #2

This is a perfect outfit for going out at night because the white jeans make a statement with the more understated navy sweater and boots. The navy sweater adds length and it’s loose fit contrasts the tight fit of the skinny jeans. The sweater also adds some warmth which allows you to wear the outfit without needing a heavier jacket. The boots also  add more texture to the outfit as the suede boots have holes in them which makes them the perfect shoe to transition the outfit from Winter to Spring.


Outfit #3

Switch up the classic neutrals you usually pick-black and white- by adding a nude to the mix. The nude colored long sleeve shirt allows for the shoes and jeans be the main aspects of the look. The plush texture of the shirt adds layers of warmth and also a nothing texture to add to the depth of the outfit with the denim and suede paired with it. This is also a versatile outfit where you can add your own personal touches with scarves, necklaces, or vests to truly represent your own style.

Now is the perfect time for white jeans, so don’t let the fashion “rules” dictate what you wear. Choose your own outfits that make you feel confident and transition the white jeans by layering shirts and sweaters, and also add texture to the classic summer staple.


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