The Equation for Perfect Athleisure

Like most things, whenever a Jenner does anything it immediately blows up. No wonder why athleisure is the absolute biggest trend of 2016-2017. Kendall Jenner and her model friends have taken over the world by wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts to high profile events across the globe. While Vogue is saying for ground breaking this trend is, my mom says I’m a “slob” or “lazy” whenever I wear sweats to the grocery store. To try and channel my inner Kendall, and prove to my mom I’m not just lazy I’m also ~trendy~ I created the necessary equation for perfecting your athleisure look.


Start with a Bottom

Starting with the bottoms is an essential part to this equation as it determines which direction you can go with the entire outfit. You could go with tight fitting leggings like Kendall did on the left which show off your legs and with the wide variety of leggings you could go colorful, patterned, mesh, cut out, or anything that suits your fancy. You could go in the direction like Gigi Hadid did on the right and go with the ever trendy joggers. These have the comfort of sweatpants but the trendiness of leggings as they cinch in at the ankle and elongate your legs.

athleisure 4

Multiply by a Trendy Top

The top of the piece is wear you can pick whatever you want. Rita Ora, above, went with a oversize Adidas sweatshirt to compliment her black and white ensemble. Most athleisure looks have a top with a big brand name across such as Nike, Adidas, or different clothing lines like Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein. The brands are just a added bonus to the look but obviously not essential.

atheisure 6

Add Cool Jacket

Jackets add a playful layer to the whole athleisure look as you can add a pop of color with a bomber jacket, or add cool edgy vibes with a leather jacket. Whichever way you decide to go with the jacket is up to you and whatever look you’re going for. The jacket not only adds an interesting layer but is also perfect for staying warm and comfortable while running errands or hanging out with friends.

athelisure 5

Divide by Accessories

Accessories aren’t necessary for athleisure looks because they are pretty minimalist. However, sticking to basics in neutral colors enhance the overall look. Picking a black bag and sunglasses like Kendall does above makes the brown crop top, and brown lining of her jacket stand out. Shoes are also important in the look so pick your favorite sneakers or slip on shoes to the leggings or joggers. Depending on the rest of your outfit the accessories can be the statement you’re making, or help make other pieces pop.

Athleisure seems like a tricky trend to master but it all depends on your look and how you style your pieces. Once you successfully pull off the look you’ll be the coolest and comfiest person you know. Maybe you’ll be jetting off to Paris Fashion Week or you’re picking up milk at the grocery store, but regardless you’ll look trendy while you’re doing it.


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