What to Wear to Graduation

For many of us, graduation is right around the corner. This time of year is extremely busy for everyone, especially seniors with AP exams, end of year festivities, deciding between colleges, and summer jobs starting up. It’s very easy to forget you need an outfit, especially for a big event, like graduation, until the last moment. Here is my guide to helping you find the perfect graduation dress for you.


There are hundreds of thousands of dresses with tons of different fits but it is important to find a certain cut that works with your body and also your personal style. Personally, I like shift dresses, straight dresses from the shoulders to above the knee, or fit and flare dresses which come in at your waist and have an A line “flare” outwards. However, these types of fits may not be your favorite. Maybe you lean more towards an empire fit that comes in under the bust and flares out, or a simple A line dress. Whatever type of fit you go with remember to make sure you are comfortable in it and you won’t be fidgeting in it. Although you’ll most likely be wearing a gown over the dress you don’t want to be playing with strings or anything during the ceremony.



At my school, girls traditionally wear all white dresses at their graduation because their gowns were white. However, the school recently switched to unisex white and green gowns that everyone wears so now colors are up to you. Most girls will still stick to the white for traditions sake, but you have the opportunity to pick any color you’d like. Go for your school colors, a nice pastel, or your favorite color. You don’t have to be stuck to one specific color but it is up to you.



Shoes is a big accessory choice when putting together your graduation outfit. They’re some of the only things that can be seen that is unique to you because your gown is covering your outfit, so choose wisely. A lot of girls wear wedges or heels which is totally fine but make sure you can walk in them and that they aren’t too high. You don’t want to be the one to wipe out on stage because her heels were too high. A few weeks before take them on a test drive and walk around your house with them for a while to get used to walking in them and to avoid getting blisters on the big day. Flats are always a good choice because they can be very very cute and also easy to walk in which is a plus!


The outfit you wear to graduation is up to you, unless your school has stricter rules as to what you can wear, so your choices are pretty endless. However, high school and college graduations are a big deal and you’ll remember what you wear so wear something that you feel good in and is comfortable because you don’t want to look back and only remember how bad your feet hurt, or how your strap kept falling down and not the important milestone you’re at.



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